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9 out of 10 homebuyers start their search online!

Wordpress Website DesignBut did you know that over a third of those searching online are using mobile devices such as iPads, Tablets and Smartphones. Learn more


Visitors come to your site for one thing...to look for homes!

Wordpress Website DesignHaving a Real Estate website without a robust, Search Engine friendly Home Search is one of the biggest mistakes agents make today!Get the 411

OK...still not sure your site needs help! Cool, let's take a quick assessment of your online marketing platform?
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Ask Yourself These 3 very simple things:

  • - Is my site more than 5 years old?
  • - Is my site using Adobe flash?
  • - Am I using a site that IS NOT Wordpress?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, believe us...your site is in need of some love!

Let us help you turn "Out of Date" into "Out of Sight" Let's Get Started

At Social Media 411, we don't just build websites...we design and create your Online Marketing Platform!

Social Media 411

Look...this stuff is hard enough!

Doing it without a powerful web and social media platform makes it nearly impossible!
Taking this on yourself is sorta like building a house and starting with the roof. You need a foundation before any of this stuff works...that's where we come in!

If you're looking for a passionate bunch of geeks who know Real Estate and are ready to design and create your Online Marketing Platform...you've come to the right place.

Patrick Flynn CEO and Founder of Social Media 411My Name is Patrick Flynn and I'm the CEO and Founder of Social Media 411. 
I'm also a long time Real Estate Broker and Certified Real Estate Instructor.
"My goal here is to give you every tool I know about including all the new and latest products that can help make your online marketing platform work...right!"

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Getting Your Sphere in Gear | We all know that our database is one of our best resources to ask for business. but for me, the problem I used to run up against was a very common one… How often do I contact them and what do I say when I do? How to Turn […]

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